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As a competitive partner, we take the journey with you, reinforcing you and unleashing your full potential to reach innovative horizons.


A deep understanding of your organization and its needs are the main focus of Marigold Consultants. With our proven experience and competence we will assist and support you to reach your goals.

The Fine Art of Innovation & Marketing

Our proven experience and competence together with  strong partners are at your service to give you competitive advantage in the market. 


Strategic Marketing

Understanding your needs and revealing your full potential

  • Market Analysis
  • SWOT Synthesis
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Value Proposition
  • Strategic Marketing Plan
  • Execution of Marketing Activities
  • Channel Marketing

Product Management

Paving the way for your product from concept to market

  • In-depth product, market and commercial insights
  • Enable the concept to form, evolve and materialise as a commercial product
  • Secure the competitive advantage of the product in the market


Innovation Consulting

Finding novel solutions for societal challenges

  • Agile and creative concepts & approach
  • Internet Of Things and advanced ICT Solutions
  • Focus on challenges ahead in society; health, agriculture, education, infrastructure
  • Co-creation & collaboration with industry and academia
  • Vision of a socio-economic sustainable society where capabilities and resources are matched, utilized and rewarded.

People & Talent

Highly skilled and dedicated resources at your service

  • Highly skilled and dedicated team
  • Focus on customer success and satisfaction
  • Consulting services in Strategic Marketing, Product Management, Life Science and ICT industries.


Transform Strategy into Success

Based on the insight of your organizational resources and objectives and matching it with the market and customer, we support you to form, evolve and progress your company with clear competitive advantage.

Partners and Projects


Hytton Technologies AB

Hytton Embraces Life Science, Technology and Innovation.

Greenlight PM

GreenlightPM is a Leading, Innovative and International Management Consulting Company, focusing on Project Management.


Cleaning water, improving life.


Logical Steps

Logical Steps create thoughtful digital experiences, platforms & products that create value



BDAS is a project Funded by Vinnova. The project is to develop an embedded system for Bone Density measurement Analysis (BDAS) for the diagnosis and monitoring of the orthopedic injuries and healing in the health and homecare environment. Read more at


AMS is an innovative concept recently got recognition as a Eurostars labelled project. AMS receives the funding from European Union’s innovation program Eurostars to develop and commercialise an advanced Agriculture Management System integrating Biosensors, IoT and Enterprise Applications. The Eurostars consortium consists of Hisbim A.S.(R&D division of HİSARLAR) and TEZ (both from Turkey) and Hytton Technologies (Sweden). Read more at


SenseBurn will be a safe, low cost, portable and non-invasive microwave sensor based diagnostic tool for burn analysis.SenseBurn is a MedTech innovation project funded by European Union’s innovation program Eurostars to develop and commercialise an advanced burn diagnostic tool.

The Eurostars consortium consists of Uppsala Univeristy, Akademiska Sjukhuset Uppsala and Hytton Technologies (Sweden) and RISC Software and Informatics Healthcare (Austria) and Datametrix (Switzerland). Read more at

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